RV Service Tips

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RV_IconKeeping up with your RV’s maintenance schedule will you save you from experiencing unexpected issues in the future, that could lead to costly repairs. If you have any questions about maintaining your RV, give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Slide out Gaskets

Slide out gaskets should be conditioned every 3-4 months to maintain their flexiblity for proper sealing of slide rooms.

LP Systems

As your RV ages, there could be changes in your LP system’s gas pressure, and leaks can develop. Your gas lines could also gel up, especially if your RV sits for long periods of time without being used, or if used during extremely cold weather. Your LP gas system should have at least an annual LP Safety Test performed to identify and isolate these potential problems.

Battery Posts & Terminals

Battery Posts & Terminals should be cleaned every 6 months. Fluid level maintainable batteries should be inspected and topped off every 30 days.

Rubber Roofs

The condition of the rubber is affected by sun, wet leaves, snow & ice, etc. The condition of the sealant around your vents and seams are affected by the same conditions. Be sure to inspect the condition of your roof several times a year. Even the smallest puncture wound can destroy a roof in a short amount of time. The sealant around your vents and seams should be tight, without porous cracks or loose sealant. Each year the roof should be cleaned and treated with a UV treatment, which gives longer life to the membrane. If your RV is in a wooded area, make sure soggy wet leaves are not permitted to remain on the roof for long periods of time.

Led Bulbs

Led bulbs output more light, while using less electricity. They also last longer and emit less heat than standard bulbs.


The level indicator on the inside of your RV is notorious to give false readings. Debris will get hung up on the sensors and tell you the tank is full even when it is empty. You can fill your tanks with water and add a cleaning solution to clean off the sensors. It might take more than one treatment.

Water Heater

Your water heater should be serviced and cleaned every 6 months for best performance. If your water heater is sooting up the side of your RV, cleaning and adjustments are needed.


Your furnace should be cleaned and serviced every 6 months for best performance. Rodents are known to make nests inside your furnace. You must not block off the air vents to prevent this from happening.